Tap Takeover: International Women's Day at The Bow Bar

March 05, 2024

Tap Takeover: International Women's Day at The Bow Bar

Always strong supporters of International Women's Day, this year Edinburgh’s renowned Bow Bar has gone the extra mile!

Clara and Lili, two of the female members of the Bow Bar’s team, have brewed their very own bespoke beer in celebration of IWD 2024. They visited Bellfield Brewery on a cold weekend in February, to brew a 6% Belgian Pale Ale that they’ve named “Sweet Dreams Are Made of Yeast”.

Homage to the Edinburgh Seven

It’s brewed with a combination of seven hops and seven malts as a homage to the Edinburgh Seven the group of pioneering women who were the first to (eventually) graduate through Edinburgh University which had a ‘men only’ rule at that time.

The group had started out studying medicine at the University of Edinburgh in 1869 but a court ruling found they should never have been admitted! One of the women was Sophia Jex-Blake whom we named a beer in honour of in summer 2020 [read more on the blog here].

The Edinburgh Seven fought a long and bitter campaign that split the university faculty, attracted national and international attention and some very high profile supporters including Charles Darwin.

Ultimately the Edinburgh Seven’s long campaign was successful: in 1889, an Act of Parliament sanctioned degrees for women.

Sweet Dreams are made of Yeast

A gorgeous golden pale ale

A deep golden-coloured beer, “>Sweet Dreams” has a malty backbone that comes from Pilsner and Vienna malts combined with several caramelised malts. Additions of maize, buckwheat and oats bring a full flavoured, honey-ed/biscuity body to the beer.

Seven hop varieties (Magnum, Liberty, Loral, Bobek, Hersbrucker, Kahatu and Hallertau Blanc) from all over the world are used for their fresh, floral aromas and flavours. A final addition of orange peel and coriander seeds adds further fruity aromatics and spice to the mix.

A classic belgian ale yeast is used to produce enticing aromas of fruit, banana and spice.

Tap Takeover

Sweet Dreams will be pouring at The Bow Bar on Victoria Street, from Friday 8th March. Clara and Lili are looking forward to serving their beer and talking to people about the story behind it.

There’s also a Tap Takeover happening at the Bow Bar to coincide: no less than SEVEN other Bellfield beers will be pouring alongside Sweet Dreams.

If you run a bar and are interested in teaming up with us for a Tap Takeover, please get in touch with the sales team by emailing sales@bellfieldbrewery.com.

Sweet Dreams are Made of Yeast is certified Gluten free and vegan friendly. It is available exclusively at the Bow Bar, 80 West Bow, Edinburgh EH1 2HH from 8th March – while stocks last!

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