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Mixed case - Dark Beers


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We've been expanding our range of dark beers, most recently with the introduction of our delicious, coffee infused, Totally Wired Stout. Now you can try all our dark beers in a single mixed case. You'll receive 3 cans of each beer in a case of 12 (or 6 of each in a case of 24)

Totally Wired Stout (7.0% ABV): a strong, rich and full-bodied dark stout. The infusion of cold brew coffee and vanilla beans amplifies this beer’s already complex espresso and chocolate character.

Daft Days Porter (6.5% ABV): an inky-black, full-bodied ale with mid level bitterness and a rich, malty finish. It’s packed full of flavours of chocolate, coffee and has a residual sweetness on the finish.

Old Town Altbier (5.3% ABV): Our most recent release - this dark copper beer uses a combination of ale and lager brewing techniques. This hybrid style that originates from Düsseldorf, balances subtle chocolate and coffee flavours from German malts, with the tangerine, spicy and floral flavours of two American hops – Liberty and Mt. Hood.

Eighty Shilling (4.8% ABV): A classic Scottish heavy, this dark ale showcases a malt-forward flavour profile and low bitterness to emphasise a full-bodied finish. Flavours of subtle chocolate, coffee and treacle to finish. First brewed exclusively for cask at the end of 2020, this became one of our favourite new beers

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