New Beer launched to support Scotland's Ospreys

February 16, 2022

New Beer launched to support Scotland's Ospreys

We've just launched 'Osprey Platform IPA (4.2% ABV), a new beer to support Scotland’s osprey population.

Bellfield Brewery has worked with the rewilding charity, SCOTLAND: The Big Picture to get the platform built at an undisclosed forested location in central Scotland.

An iconic bird of prey, ospreys only returned to Scotland in 1954 having been made extinct due to human activity in the early 20th Century. While there are now more than 300 breeding pairs of ospreys in Scotland, natural nest sites are scarce and energy-intensive for ospreys to build.

Building ready-made nesting platforms increases the chances that the population will continue to expand when they return to Scotland from West Africa - where they spend the winter.

SCOTLAND: The Big Picture has already erected a number of similar osprey nesting platforms at different partner sites across their Northwoods Rewilding Network.

The tree in which the Bellfield platform has been situated is in a group of tall conifers forming part of a wood that has had no forestry management activity for the last 20 years.

Photo Credit: Lewis Pate

The site has been carefully chosen and its suitability has been independently assessed by one of Scotland’s leading osprey experts from the Scottish Raptor Study Group.

The chosen tree has magnificent views over a wide strath and is close to a big river which will provide ample food for any ospreys – also known as fish hawks - who take up residence.

The nest platform has been specially designed to last at least 20 years. It is fabricated from heavy-duty, reinforced steel mesh that has a protective lip to prevent any chicks falling out. And the whole structure is carefully camouflaged and ‘naturalised’ with sticks and moss.

Installing the platforms at height is a highly skilled job undertaken by two experienced climbers. The Bellfield Brewery team provided ‘ground support’ on site, helping to construct the platform and passing materials up to the climbing and installation team.

Bellfield Brewery is now launching a special beer in its Edinburgh Taproom and online to raise further funds for the charity. Osprey Platform IPA is bursting with tropical and fresh citrus flavours from Mosaic, Ahtanum and Cascade hops. This trio of American hops is well balanced by a biscuity and honey-like malt body. A generous proportion of oats provides a creamy, full, mouthfeel to the beer. It will go on sale from the 16th February 2022, in cask at the Bellfield Taproom in Edinburgh and in 5 litre mini casks available via

The brewery will donate £1 from every pint sold at the Bellfield Taproom and £2.50 from every mini cask sold via their online store, to SCOTLAND: The Big Picture, to fund more platforms.

Osprey Platform IPA

Speaking about the project, Bellfield Brewery CEO, Alistair Brown said, “As a business, we’re passionate about ‘giving back’ wherever we can and our team wanted us to support a project that promotes Scotland’s biodiversity.

“Being involved in the construction of the osprey platform on the day was a very special experience and we can’t wait to find out if a breeding pair takes up residence this spring.

“We hope to raise further funds to support the important work of SCOTLAND: The Big Picture in helping to drive the recovery of nature across Scotland through rewilding.”

James Nairne, Northwoods Project Manager said "Through their sponsorship of the osprey platform, Bellfield Brewery have given this iconic bird an opportunity to expand its range. Their hard work in putting the platform together showed their commitment to the project and we look forward to reporting on its success.”

Buy your Osprey Platform mini cask and support the project here in our online shop.

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