House of Tapas pop up at Bellfield Taproom

July 27, 2021

House of Tapas pop up at Bellfield Taproom

House of Tapas  have been trading for a decade, bringing high quality Spanish food, full of colour and flavor, to Scotland. The team started off their careers in fine dining, but in the end they came back to their roots.

We couldn’t be more excited to have them back in our kitchen because, as everyone knows, beer and tapa is the perfect combination.

On the menu this week you can expect to see all the tapa you can imagine and more!

They will also be serving up their best selling paella, which is of course always gluten-free. 

The densely packed portions of rice packs intense flavour seasoned with turmeric, smoky paprika and salsa verde amongst other fresh ingredients added to the paella, making this some of the best paella Edinburgh has to offer.

As well as Paella, they will be serving up tapas, patatas bravas, croquetas, a chorizo roll and even churros with chocolate dip!

When we asked if they had any memorable pop-up experiences they said “It just came to my head - our first time in Lauder at the borders, I remember we arrived there and we see the community center in refurbishment; we thought we got there the wrong day!! hahahaha

In the end it was ok and was the right date. We had a really fun and super busy day with the locals.

We go there on a regular basis now, we love it and they love our food (that is what they say at least... hahahaha)”

House of Tapas is serving at Bellfield Taproom and Beer Garden Thursday 21st - Sunday 24th October.

Table booking is advised. Table service - just order food with your drinks! You can find their menu here.

Our Taproom is in Abbeyhill, Edinburgh – just off London Road. It's easy to reach on the bus, or by bike and it's a short (6 minute) walk from the Scottish Parliament and (12 minute) walk from Edinburgh Waverley Station. You can also reach us from Holyrood Park by walking along Ann Terrace off Spring Gardens, under the railway.

Opening times:

Mon-Tue (closed)

Wed-Thu (2:30pm-10pm)

Fri-Sat (12pm-12am)

Sun (12pm-10pm)

Table booking

Table bookings are for 2 hour slots via the table booking section of our website. We allow 30 minutes between bookings for cleaning. If you'd like to stay a little longer (outdoors only), you can book two, back to back time slots, giving you 4.5 hours. Please book the same table type for a time slot 2.5 hours after your first one and send us an email at to let us know, so we can make sure you stay in the same place. NB: double bookings cannot be made for indoors.