Coronavirus Statement: 17 March 2020

March 17, 2020

Following yesterday’s announcements from the Scottish & UK Governments - and for now - we’re staying open until told otherwise and we’re hugely grateful to all our customers for your support. 

The health and safety of our customers and staff is front of mind during this time and we completely understand if you want to keep away from public places but if you do feel stir crazy and want to come in for a pint - or to collect takeaways - some reassurance:

  • As a manufacturer of award-winning beers, we already adopt the highest standards of health and hygiene
  • While all staff in the brewery and the taproom wash their hands regularly, we have doubled down on hand hygiene
  • We will be cleaning all touch point surfaces such as card machines, door handles, tables, stools, and bar top to limit cross contamination on a regular basis
  • We are immediately introducing social distancing
  • Our team will not handle glassware at the rim during service or glass collection from tables. They’ll wash their hands after collecting glasses and loading our glass washer and they’ll wear disposable latex gloves when replacing clean glassware on the shelves
  • We have provided hand sanitiser and paper towels
  • We’ll be encouraging card/contactless payments
  • Tours and tastings will be cancelled until further notice and all bookings rescheduled for a future date

We are part of a vibrant local ecosystem of other small businesses and breweries that employ local people. Please do what you can to support us through this tough time and help ensure we're here on the other side. 

  • Buy a Bellfield Voucher - that can be redeemed for beer, takeaways or future tours
  • Order online via our Online Shop
  • Pick up direct - come to the Bellfield Brewery “Drive Thru” open 9.30am-4pm Monday to Friday.  £15 for a case of 12 beers. You can also cycle or walk :). 

To protect our customers, staff and brewing operations, please don’t visit us if you have any symptoms associated with Coronavirus. Our staff have been instructed not attend work if they are showing any symptoms.

Please tell us if you - or anyone you've come here with - shows symptoms of the virus within 14 days of your visit so that we can take necessary precautions for staff and future visitors.