Coeliac Awareness Week 2022 at Bellfield Brewery

May 12, 2022

Coeliac Awareness Week 2022 at Bellfield Brewery

When we set up Bellfield six years ago we only had one mission: to make exceptional beers that everyone could enjoy drinking.

We launched our first two beers at the Free From Food fair in Glasgow in April 2016 and we’re very proud to have achieved a new milestone this Coeliac Awareness Week – we’ve now brewed 21 different beers!

Coeliacs now are spoiled for choice when it comes to beer – at least beer in cans. There are probably well over 120 gluten-free beers out there.

The difference at Bellfield is that we only make great tasting, gluten-free and vegan beers, nothing else.

We think that our Edinburgh Taproom now offers the largest selection of gluten-free beers on draught of any bar in the UK – currently 10 keg beers and two cask ales plus a wide selection of gluten-free beers in can. 

We’d challenge anyone who is still sceptical to taste one of our beers. This is backed up by the fact that our Marzen Festival Lager was was ranked the best lager in Scotland in a blind tasting by industry experts at the Scottish Beer Awards in 2021.

The complexity of taste and aroma in good beer comes from the hops and grains and – ultimately – via the skill of the brewer and the brewing process.

Our brewing process removes gluten at every stage, so we can produce gluten-free beer consistently. As with many leading breweries, we also add a naturally occurring enzyme to help clarify the beers and improve their stability and shelf life. This has the added benefit of providing a solid backup to Bellfield’s own brewing process that renders our beers gluten-free.

We are often asked ‘How can your beers be gluten-free if they contain barley malt?”

The short answer is that we carefully select low gluten barley malt – or if it’s high in gluten as we’ve found darker malts tend to be, we use the minimum need to achieve the colour and flavour we’re after.

We also use a small proportion of other non-gluten containing ingredients (NGCIs) such as maize and buckwheat to produce our beer.

With attention to the ingredients used, careful conditioning and filtration, the result is no compromise, just delicious, classic IPAs, hoppy ales and crisp, refreshing and perfectly balanced lagers and pilsners.

Every single one of Bellfield’s beers is rigorously tested in a UKAS accredited lab before being packaged for sale. All our beers are certified by Coeliac UK and registered with the Vegan Society.

If you’re coeliac, we’d always suggest that you choose a beer that’s certified gluten-free and clearly labelled with the widely-recognised ‘crossed grain’ symbol.

This means the beer has been properly lab-tested, is below 20ppm and is safe to drink.

To find out more about Coeliac Awareness Week visit Coeliac UK where you’ll find information and advice on this autoimmune disease that affects people of all ages – around 1 in 100 of us in the UK. But there are half a million who remain undiagnosed and may still be struggling with unexplained symptoms like bloating and pain.

To find out more about coeliac disease, or to check your symptoms visit Coeliac UK’s online assessment.

To buy our beers visit our shop, and between now and the 31st of May, new customers can enjoy 20% off using the code NEW20 at checkout.

If you’re in Edinburgh come and visit us and have a beer at our taproom!  We have the fabulous Taberu serving up their signature Japanese street food in our kitchen for Coeliac Awareness Week 2022! Taberu will be serving at Bellfield Taproom and Beer Garden Thursday 11th – Sunday 15th of May. Table booking is advised.


Happy Coeliac Awareness Week,

Team Bellfield

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