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Introducing Bellfield Brewery's new premises


We're incredibly excited to announce that after many months of searching we've now secured the lease and moved into our premises at 46 Stanley Place, Edinburgh. Our architects have drawn up the plans and over the next few months we'll be fitting out the brewery.

Don't worry though, we'll continue to brew our Bohemian Pilsner and Lawless Village IPA offsite, so you'll still be able to get some!

Bellfield Brewery, Stanley Place

Office & reception - Bellfield Brewery

Main Hall (reverse view) - Stanley Place - Bellfield Brewery

Main Hall - Stanley Place - Bellfield Brewery

Main Hall - Tap room - Bellfield Brewery

Beer Garden - Stanley Place - Bellfield Brewery

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  • Barbara Middleton on

    Looking Wonderful friends- wishing you all many happy lives in 46 Stanley Place. X

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